The pandemic and the lockdown didn’t make a dent in the entrepreneurial spirit of Canadians, according to a new study. The study by the global firm Intuit says a quarter of Canada’s small businesses started during the last two years.

According to the study, that 24-percent means more than two million new entrepreneurs during the past two years. What is more interesting is that more than half of these new entrepreneurs have more than one business to run, compared to 29-percent of established business owners who run multiple businesses.

And while the rising inflation, and the related increase in cost of everything, is a worrisome factor for almost half the entrepreneurs, they are overall very optimistic about the future. Nine out of ten entrepreneurs are optimistic about their future.

More than sixty percent of the entrepreneurs say that their income has only increased since they became their own bosses and 75-percent of businesspeople say they will never go back to a traditional job.


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